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Laser machine

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The laser exposure machine is a important equipment for laser production line, DYM laser machine control system was developed by DYM R&D team, hardware mainly adopts international brand: such as IPG laser generator, FAG bearing system and Japan electric control and switch. High precision but simple operation system. Mainly used for producing the cylinders for wallpaper, leather, tobacco and anti-fake jobs. The machine's performance can be matched with other imported machines.

Our company have many engineers for the technical supporting and after-service, they are working in the laser cylinder factory for many years and have rich experience, so we can provide full training service to customer about the operation, techniques and craft. 

Main features

1/2/4/8 beam, 100w/200w/500w

High-engraving speed, frequency 2 M*8=16 M/S

Resolution 5080/2540/1270 dpi

IPG laser Generator, long life but free maintenance

Similar Layout software system with the electric engraving machine

Free dot pattern edit

Seamless joint engraving

256 gray step

Similar curve edited with the electric engraving machine

The whole machine body is casting made, high precision liner guide rail and screw rod.

Software and electric appliances system is simple to learn and maintains.

Engrave various crafts in one job

Perfect engraving function of pattern edge modified

Preview support before the engraving data Converted

File page zoom +/- function

Short engraving test support, and kindly operate menu

Auto start function and remediation function

Free cell screen and angle edit

Engraving accuracy is 5 um

Auxilliary cell testing equipment

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